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Table 1 Parameters of the simulation for case study 1

From: Studying slippage on pushing applications with snake robots

Symbol Value Unit Description
n 5   Number of DOFs of the system
\(n_{a}\) 2   Number of actuated joints
\( {m}_{i}\) 1 (kg) Mass of \(link_{i}\), \(i=1,\ldots ,n_{\ell }\)
\(\ell _{i}\) 0.15 (m) Length of \(link_{i}\), \(1=1,\ldots ,n_{\ell }\)
\(I_{{\mathrm{com}},i}\) 0.002 (kg m2) Rotational inertia for the ith link
\(\varvec{\tau }_{\mathrm{act}} = [\tau _{a1}, \tau _{a2}]^{\mathrm{T}}\)   (N m) Input joint torques
\(\mu _{s}\) 0.1   Coefficient of (static) friction used for Scenario 2