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Table 2 Subtasks against engagement of individual actuators

From: Bacterial foraging-optimized PID control of a two-wheeled machine with a two-directional handling mechanism

Subtask Associated DOFs Right motor \(\tau_{\text{R}}\) Left motor \(\tau_{\text{L}}\) Linear actuator I, \(F_{1}\) Linear actuator II, \(F_{2}\)
Moving and picking \(\delta_{\text{L}}\), \(\delta_{\text{R}} , \theta\)
IB extension \(\delta_{\text{L}}\), \(\delta_{\text{R}} , \theta , h_{1}\)
Extension: end effector \(\delta_{\text{L}}\), \(\delta_{\text{R}} , \theta , h_{2}\)
Reverse: end effector \(\delta_{\text{L}}\), \(\delta_{\text{R}} , \theta , h_{2}\)
IB contraction \(\delta_{\text{L}}\), \(\delta_{\text{R}} , \theta , h_{1}\)
Placing the object \(\delta_{\text{L}}\), \(\delta_{\text{R}} , \theta , h_{2}\)