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Table 2 Definition of the severity of injury with assigned subjective rating scores

From: Cognition-based variable admittance control for active compliance in flexible manipulation of heavy objects with a power-assist robotic system

Severity of injury Description Score
Catastrophic System collapses (e.g., force sensor breaks, object is detached from the force sensor), user experiences little bleeding due to scratch or high impact on musculoskeletal system (hand, fingers), and the user needs to take primary medical care such as bandage, balm and pain killer 1.0
Severe System does not break but stops with severe vibration, there is severe impact on musculoskeletal system, subject feels pain for a while, bleeding is about to occur, no medication is taken, but the subject experiences severe impact on hand and, for this reason, does not feel comfort to perform normal activities using hands for a few minutes after conducting the experiment 0.75
Moderate Human experiences moderate jerks and impact on hand, but the human can tolerate it easily 0.50
Minor Almost no jerk and impact on human hands, and the human has the same feeling as the human may experiences while lifting small objects in daily living, but still there is small jerk and impact 0.25