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Table 1 pHRI evaluation criteria with relevant description

From: Cognition-based variable admittance control for active compliance in flexible manipulation of heavy objects with a power-assist robotic system

pHRI criteria Description of the criteria with respect to power-assisted object manipulation
Maneuverability (\( M_{a} \)) Human’s haptic feelings while lifting an object with the PARS, e.g., perceived heaviness, kinesthetic and tactile perceptions, proprioception
Motion (\( M_{o} \)) Nature of object’s velocity and acceleration felt by the human, e.g., whether the velocity and acceleration are low or high compared to the expectation of the human user
Naturalness (\( N_{a} \)) Normalcy, convenience and likeability perceived by human user and non-complexity in operation while manipulating objects with the PARS
Stability (\( S_{t} \)) Presence/absence of oscillations/vibrations, sudden inactivity of the system, etc., during manipulation and their effects on object manipulation, system structure and task environment
Health and safety (\( H_{s} \)) Potential fatigue, injuries/accidents, impacts and jerks on human musculoskeletal system, etc.