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Table 2 TWRM parameters description [24]

From: PID, BFO-optimized PID, and PD-FLC control of a two-wheeled machine with two-direction handling mechanism: a comparative study

Terminology Description Value Unit
θ Tilt angle of the intermediate body around the vertical Z-axis °
δ R , δ L Angular displacement of right and left wheels m
h1, h2 Vertical and horizontal linear link displacement m
F1, F2 Force generated by the vertical and horizontal linear actuators N
τ R , τ L Right and left wheels torque N/m
m 1 Mass of the chassis 3.1 kg
m 2 Mass of the linear actuators 0.6 kg
m w Mass of wheel 0.14 kg
R Wheel radius 0.05 m
J 1 Chassis moment of inertia 0.068 kg m2
J 2 Moving mass moment of inertia 0.0093 kg m2
J w Wheel moment of inertia 0.000175 kg m2
Ɩ Distance of chassis’ center of mass for wheel axle 0.14 m
µ 1 Coefficient of friction of vertical linear actuator 0.3 Ns/m
µ 2 Coefficient of friction of horizontal linear actuator 0.3 Ns/m
µ w Coefficient of friction between wheel and ground 0 Ns/m
µ c Coefficient of friction between chassis and wheel 0.1 Ns/m
g Gravitational acceleration 9.81 m/s2