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Table 5 Calculated design parameters of the worm–gear module of the multifunctional robotic end-effector

From: A bio-inspired approach for the design of a multifunctional robotic end-effector customized for automated maintenance of a reconfigurable vibrating screen

Design parameters Designed values
Worm–gear ratio (\(i\)) 4
\(d_{1}\) and \(d_{2}\) 24.50, 40 mm
\(P_{2}\) 4.90 mm
\(C_{\text{a}}\) 32.25 mm
\(P_{\text{a}}\) 6.58 mm
\(m\) 1.56–2 mm
\(L\) 32.90 mm
\(\lambda\) or \(\psi\) 29.86°
\(L_{\text{W}}\) 32.24 mm
\(L_{\text{Screw}}\) 141.12 mm
\(V_{1}\) 0.18852 m/s
\(V_{2}\) 0.236 m/s