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Table 12 Results of the forces required to hammer or unpin screen panel pins during RVS machine maintenance

From: A bio-inspired approach for the design of a multifunctional robotic end-effector customized for automated maintenance of a reconfigurable vibrating screen

Operating conditions of the motor powering the electric cylinder Axial force description Axial force values (N)
Electric motor accelerating at \(4\;{\text{m/s}}^{2}\) \(F_{\text{hammering}}\) 33.8622
\(F_{\text{unpinning}}\) 53.3658
Electric motor travelling at a constant speed of \(0.63\;{\text{m/s}}\) \(F_{\text{hammering}}\) 25.55882
\(F_{\text{unpinning}}\) 40.6896