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Table 1 Specifications of the ePaddle prototype module

From: Design of a high-mobility multi-terrain robot based on eccentric paddle mechanism

Item Description
  Dimensions Length, L: 96.5 mm; width: 63 mm; thickness: 2 mm
  Moving range \(R_S = L_A + L_B = 40\) mm, where \(L_A = L_B\)
  Material Aluminum alloy (A5052)
  Weight 36 g (eight lugs with eight paddle-hinges)
Wheel shell  
  Dimensions Outer radius, \(R_A\): 56.5 mm; width: 113 mm;
  Material Aluminum alloy (A5052)
  Dimensions Pitch circle radius, \(R_H\): 50 mm
  Materials Aluminum alloy (A5052)
Assembled module  
  Weight 3.7 kg (with three motors)